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Follow The Steps Below To Get An ESA Letter From The Comfort of Your Home!

Process of getting an ESA Letter in California!

  • Fill up the online evaluation form
    Book your appointment by completing the online evaluation form. Please provide all the necessary details in the form and submit it by clicking the ‘submit now’ button.
  • Be ready for the online consultation
    Join the consultation online with me. Together, we’ll discuss your needs and determine if an emotional support animal is the right choice. Feel free to share relevant information about your emotional or mental health conditions during the evaluation. It will help me to understand your medical need better.
  • Receive Your ESA letter
    After the consultation, you will receive your ESA letter from me via email. You can download or print your ESA letter to take advantage of the ESA laws and rights.

Note: You must establish a client-provider relationship with me for at least 30 days before getting documentation – California ESA Law.

Do You Want Multiple Emotional Support Animals?

Many patients come to me for the requirement of more than one patient. As a mental healthcare professional, I understand multiple ESA values. If you require more than one ESA, I will certify them for you. For a fee of $60, I can provide the necessary documentation to verify the need for multiple ESAs.

Note: You will get your money back if I can not certify your pet as an ESA.

Personalized Certification for Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals.

I understand that every client’s needs are unique, and I aim to ensure they receive the appropriate documentation that meets legal requirements. My ESA and service animal letters fully comply with the regulations, ensuring you can confidently rely on them when needed. These letters are personalized to grant clients the right to access public spaces and receive reasonable accommodations under the Fair housing act (FHA), Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

I am honored to assist if you require personalized Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal certification. Contact me today to start the process and gain the documentation you need for a better and more empowered life.

How to communicate with landlord for an ESA?