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Fly with your Dog with an ESA Letter

Emotional Support Animals have been facilitating people with mental and emotional illnesses for many years. ESAs are essential for improving an individual’s mental and emotional health, and in this regard, ESAs are allowed to fly with the passengers with a legitimate ESA Letter. However, ESAs don’t have the full rights for entry everywhere. Still, with a valid ESA letter recommended by the licensed Medical Health Professional, an ESA is granted with some special privileges. Flying with an ESA is one such right where the ESA is permitted into the cabin of an airplane without any extra charges.

Emotional Support Dogs are the most popular category of ESAs that help the person cope with mental and emotional illness. Dogs are the most loving pets and are owned by ample individuals because they love those furry playing animals. However, they are unaware of the therapeutic benefits provided by furry friends. Dogs are the closest allies, and when they endow with so much affection, love, care, and emotional support, it seems like a cherry on the cake! Though Emotional Support Dogs are not allowed everywhere, an ESA letter permits you to take your ESA along or stay with them, devoid of any complications. Several scientific studies are going on the effects of owning an Emotional Support Animal. As per the studies, owning an ESA positively impacts an individual’s mental health condition.

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Fill the online evaluation form with the required information. It consist of basic question about you and your emotional support animal.

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Submit the form and connect with a Local Mental Health Professionals for further analysis. The doctor will ask you questions about health. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding your health or ESA.

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Acquire your valid ESA Letter with a doctor’s recommendation and receive the approved letter in you email instantly.

As per the scientific studies, Emotional support dogs facilitate in

  • Lowering stress.
  • Increases physical activities.
  • Enhances the mood.
  • Protects from infections.

How can an ESA Travel Letter Help You?

For an individual to fly with their dog in Cabin without extra charges, an ESA Letter is Mandatory. An ESA Letter must be a genuine one; it is essential no to fake an ESA letter. An individual can acquire an ESA letter online with a procedure of a few minutes. However, you have to abide by some requirements and information required by the passenger for flying with your ESA.

Guideline for Airlines

As the Airlines permit the passengers to travel with an Emotional Support Animal, a passenger must own a valid ESA Letter that must contain the following information.

  • Are not permitted to discriminate based on dog breed.
  • Are not allowed to charge any pet fee for an ESA.

Airline Policy

  • Single ESA per passenger is permitted.
  • Passengers with an ESA must check-in an hour before the general check-in time.
  • An ESA must be calm and well behaved during the journey.
  • Most airlines require 48 hours advance notice.

An ESA letter must specify that

  • You are under the professional care of a legitimate Mental Health professional.
  • Your mental or medical condition must be recognized by the DSM, i.e., Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • You entail the ESA for either at the final destination or in the flight itself.
  • Date of issue of the ESA Letter.
  • Type of ESA Letter.
  • Category of ESA.
  • A legitimate Mental Health Professional must write the ESA letter on the official letterhead.
  • The letter must not exceed one year from the flight date.

Airlines usually demand various additional forms and information from the passenger. Different airlines can require other documents. But with a generalized format, any airlines would ask for the following forms.


A valid ESA Letter.


Form for flying with an ESA.


Medical Health Form


Veterinary Health form


Animal Behavior form

For flights more than 8 hours

If your flight is more than 8 hours, Airlines ask for an additional form known as Animal Sanitization Form for your ESA.

We hope that this article gave you an idea for traveling with your Emotional Support Dog.

Before traveling, it is necessary to be noted that the passenger must not fake an ESA Letter just for the fee waiver is undoubtedly a bad idea to execute. Acquiring a fake ESA Letter can charge you a penalty that might exceed the actual fee to take your pet along. Fake travelers with fake ESA Letters create an awkward and challenging situation for the genuine ESA owners. Do not fake an ESA Letter just for saving a small amount that might cost a lot to an honest person.

Acquire a legitimate ESA Letter with Fast ESA Letter and fly with your Emotional Support Dog without any complications or difficulties. Fast ESA Letter is committed to providing excellent and legitimate services to its clients.

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