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Welcome to my website! I’m Dr. Robert Clendenin, a passionate and dedicated medical professional with years of experience recommending service and emotional support animals. Throughout my career, I have remained committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to serve and support those in need.

I strive to create an understanding environment where you feel welcomed and supported. My services are affordable because financial constraints should not hinder access to medical facilities, including animal-assisted therapy. My affordable services allow you to obtain your ESA or service animal letter without making whole in your pocket.

Robert Clendenin, MD

Dr. Robert Clendenin, MD
Emotional Support Animals of California

My name is Robert, and I completed my Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the University of Kansas. After obtaining my MD degree, I pursued post-graduate training at St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

As a Telemedicine Doctor at Clendenin, MD, I have been recommending animal-assisted therapy to those in need. I strive to deliver effective and efficient medical care to patients from the comfort of their homes.

Delivering Exceptional Care to Valued Patients With Unrestricted Medical Licenses in California!

I am a highly reputable board-certified Neuro-Psychiatric Physician in California, known for my dedicated animal-assisted therapy to patients of all ages. As a member of the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) and the ACIM (Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine), I aim to empower you to gain optimal health by holistically addressing your unique needs.

With active and unrestricted medical licenses in California and states across the USA, I have positively impacted countless individuals’ lives. My DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) registration allows me to prescribe medications and adhere to strict guidelines. Additionally, my NPI (National Provider Identifier) registration enables seamless communication and coordination with other healthcare providers, ensuring a better treatment option. Having the required certifications, I can focus more fully on delivering exceptional healthcare to my valued patients.