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I believe in providing accessible and affordable solutions to help you obtain your emotional support animal letter. I offer ESA letters at a flat fee of $149. This fee covers the thorough evaluation process, and it also includes the preparation and delivery of your ESA letter. During the evaluation, we carefully assess your mental health condition and the potential benefits of having an ESA as part of your treatment plan.

Unlike other providers, I do not charge hidden fees or additional costs. The $149 fee covers everything you need to obtain a legitimate ESA letter, valid for one year.

However, if you need assistance with reasonable accommodation forms from your landlord and airlines, there will be an additional fee of $60.

I ensure you receive a legitimate ESA letter that complies with all legal requirements and provides the necessary housing and travel accommodations documentation.

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Add An Extra ESA To Your Life For Just $60!

If you wish to add another ESA or feel that multiple ESAs can better support your emotional needs, I am offering the option of adding an additional ESA to your ESA letter for just $60.

With this affordable add-on, you can have the flexibility of having multiple ESAs, each providing unique emotional support and companionship.

Get Your 100% Money Back!

If your ESA Letter application is not approved, I assure you that I have a straightforward and transparent refund policy. If, for any reason, your ESA Letter is not approved, I will refund 100% of your payment promptly and without any hassle. I believe in fair and ethical business practices.