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Emotional Support Animal letter for housing

Talk to a local licensed physician and Get Recommendation for an Emotional Support Animal in just 24 hour. Our Service are backed by 100% Money-back. Receive an approval or a full refund guaranteed.

Your local ESA therapist

Getting An Emotional Support Animal from local Licensed professional is crucial if you want your Letter to work. Here is how an ESA Certificate from a local doctor can help you…

MAnage Medical condiitons

ESA endows with the love, affection, and care to ease the symptoms and the health conditions an individual is experiencing.

No Additional training Needed

No prior service training is required for an Emotional Support Animals. They are only meant to provide emotional support.

Access to Lease apartments

With a valid ESA letter for Housing, An individual with disability can live with their Emotional Support Animal devoid of pet policies.

No Additional Fees

Landholders cannot charge any additional fees from Emotional Support Animal owners.

Flying with an ESA

An ESA Letter enables you to Fly with your Emotional Support Animal devoid of any additional charges.

Approval in just 24 hours

Have any Questions? Ask Us here. We are available to help you.

Fill a Form Online

Initiate the process of obtaining an ESA Letter by filling the online evaluation form with the pertinent details concerning the medical condition.

Connect with LMHP

Get in touch with the Local Licensed Mental Health Professionals for the evaluation process. You can ask questions from doctor during evaluation session.

Fill a Form Online

Receive a legitimate ESA letter via email in 24 hours once the doctor approves you and sign an emotional support animal letter for you.

ESA Housing Laws

Emotional Support Animal are federally protected by the Fair Housing Amendments Acts and the Rehabilitation Act.
FHAAccording to Section 501 and the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA), 1988 landlords must rationally accommodate tenants who acquire Emotional Support Animals, even if the building has a policy that prohibits pets. ESA Laws indicate that you can keep an ESA at your residence. As per the Rehabilitation Act, public housing authorities are not permitted to refuse housing to a disabled person as discrimination against the disabled in any program getting housing assistance is illegitimate. This Rehabilitation act indicates a person’s responsibilities to his ESA, like cleaning up once the animal and walking the animal in selected areas. An ESA is not required to possess skills like a trained pet.

Emotional Support Dog The Fair Housing Act was deliberated to prevent discrimination among the disabled person’s necessity for the ESA.

FHA applies to all the housing areas in every state with certain exceptions.

An ESA is not considered a normal pet, so policies concerning pets don’t apply.

HUD is a government organization that supervises the Fair Housing Act and examines prejudice complaints against housing providers.

HUD has released the regulation concerning how landlords and tenants should obey with these housing rules.

As per the most recent HUD guideline in January 2020, landlords must contemplate a tenant’s ESA application and respond within ten days.


  1. Landlords cannot ask for additional fees for an ESA.
  2. Landlords cannot discriminate based on breed, weight, or any other property.
  3. Landlords cannot demand comprehensive medical details about your disability.
  4. Landlords cannot ask for registering your ESA.
  5. Landlords cannot ask for ESA Certification; only ESA Letter is enough.

Freequently Asked Questions

When can A Landholders Deny My Request?

The Fair Housing Act Restrict Landlords to deny reasonable accommodation to tenant with emotional support animal. However, There are a few cases when a landlord may not be able to Help:

  • If the residential area is smaller than four units and the landholder also stays at the same place.
  • Accommodation providers can refute an ESA if accommodating the ESA would inflict an “undue financial burden” on the landowner.
  • If the ESA poses a threat to the landlords or any other.
How Should I start the process?
AN ESA Letter can be acquired by following 3 simple steps:
  1. Get Started with Filling an Evaluation Form Online.
  2. Connect with Legitimate Mental Health Professionals
  3. Get your ESA If Approved
DO I need to Show/Submit Previous Health Records?
Showing Previous Health Records is not necessary. If yo have any, you can show the to the doctor, It will help you to get approval.
What Medical conditions can qualify?
Any mental or emotional disability that is resisting you from executing at least one daily life function may help you qualify for an emotional support animal.
Will A letter from a doctor from different state work?
No! For Your ESA Letter to get Accepted without any hassles, the Doctor must be licensed in your State of residence or the doctor must have an National Provider identifier (NPI) Number.
Is My Approval Assured? What If I am disapproved?
Approval for an Emotional Support Animal depends upon the doctor. If the doctor disapproves you, we will refund your money. You won’t be charged anything.

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Why Choose US

Spending time with Emotional Support Animal benefits you in several health conditions, and we understand your need. We strive to endow you with the services that will help you live with your ESA and take the therapeutic advantages of health improvement. ESA Letter California team is committed to provide you with the most satisfactory services and legitimacy to the people seeking medical assistance.

We are working to serve the individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, or any mental illness and help them recover from the mental health conditions with Legitimate Mental Health Professionals utilizing the tele-health services. So, individuals don’t have to rush to the hospitals for any assistance. You can apply online with ESA Letter California and get your ESA Letter within 24 hours without visiting the hospitals manually.

Legitimate Services

Fast ESA endows with the legitimate Emotional Support Animal letters to those who need it.


With Fast ESA, be assured about the privacy of the individual’s medical details. We work as per the HIPAA Guidelines.

100% Assured Money Back

All Our Service are backed by 100% Money-back guarantee. If you are not approved, You will get a full refund.
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“Tired of Discrimination and No Pet Policy? Try getting ESA Letter. It is federally protected and will allow you to Bypass landlord policies and charges.”
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