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Want to keep Your Dog Happy – Use Pet Treats Like This

Publish Date: October 8th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Best dog treats for puppies

Dogs are one of the best furry friends that are loyal, caring, and obedient. They will be happy if you ensure that daily activities stimulate your dog’s physical and mental well-being. Playing with your pup for some time during the day can give him a healthy lifestyle. It is key to your dog’s satisfaction. What if you have to go outside for work and your dog has to stay at home all alone? Or what will you do if you go for a walk with your dog, but your pet is not showing interest in the walk? This article will help you to go through with these issues. And, you will know why your dogs need to be active and how to use the best dog treats for puppies to keep your furry friend busy and healthy:

Why does Your Emotional Dog need Daily Activities?

Daily activities are essential for an emotional support dog for its happy and healthy lifestyle. If your dog has nothing to do throughout the day, he will be a lazy pet who loves to sleep and eat instead of being active. This laziness can lead your dog to boredom. That affects your dog both mentally and physically. It can cause your pet depression, aggressive behavior, increase in weight, and many other health issues.
On the other hand, boredom can force your dog to entertain himself. It can cause you financially because dogs consider themselves in many ways. Bored dogs love to chew, scratch, and destroy household stuff, such as floor rugs, couches, and furniture as well. They may also start whining or continuously barking when they are all alone.
Now, you can understand how boredom and inactivity can affect your dog’s health and your belongings. But what should you do to keep your dog satisfied if you have to leave your dog alone daily? The followings stimulation methods can help you to make your dog happy:

How to Keep Your Dogs Happy By Rewarding them Pet Treats?

Every pet loves eating treats, whether it is a dog or cat. But if you walk away after giving your dog the best dog treats, it will not get anything but good taste. However, what if you use dog treats as rewards for doing any activity? Your dog will get to learn new things and tasty treats at the same time. Here is a list of some of the best activities that will lead your pet to a healthy and happy lifestyle:
  • Give Your ESA Dog Hunting Experience At Home:
  • One of the best ways to keep your dog active is to encourage their nature of food hunt. As you know, before being domestic animals, dogs were wild creatures who hunted for food. They had to spend most of their life span finding survival food. Even most dogs are adopted as domestic animals; they still have this instinct of hunting.

    You can use this instinct to keep them busy while you are out for work. You can hide some of your dog’s favorite treats around your home to give him some work to do while your pet is home alone.

    But make sure your pet will not be nearby when you are hiding his reward. So, your pet has to work hard to get his bonus. It will give your pet curiosity and excitement while following its treat scent. And, your furry friend will be occupied for a long time, which will provide you with the freedom to complete your work without any worry.

  • Purchase High-Quality Chewable Toys:
  • If you are going out for a couple of hours, such as grocery shopping or picking something up, this is a perfect idea to encourage your dog for activities. You can use chew toys filled with the best healthy dog treats, such as peanut butter and banana paste. These filling chew toys can make a fun game as well as a taste for your ESA dog. Fill in the toy until you can see the edible stuff on the mouth of the toy. Then put the small hole at the top and the big hole at the bottom. Make sure the edible thing is visible on the top of the tiny hole.

  • Dog Training:
  • If you are willing to train your dog about following your commands, the best dog treats can help you achieve your goal. You can give your ESA dog special rewards whenever it follows your orders. For example, if you want your pet to sit in your car, place a treat on the vehicle floor and let it eat. Also, praise your dog when it sits steady. It will encourage your dog to follow your orders, and you will be able to train your pet without any hassle.

    • Encourage Your Dog With Treats:

    You can praise your dogs with treats while they behave in the park. California has many parks, including Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Admiral William Standley State Recreation Area, Azalea State Natural Reserve, and Benbow State Recreation Area. But these parks only allow service dogs or ESA dogs along with an emotional support dog letter. So you need to make sure you have a California emotional support animal letter before you go to the park with your ESA dog. You can bring treats along with you and praise your dog with treats if it follows you in the park.

    Esa Letter California for pets

    Wapping Up

    Dogs are known as the best loyal companions. They can make you happy with their innocent acts while feeling sad or give you unconditional love and care when you need it most. And, simple treats encourage them to be more active and lead them to a healthy lifestyle. But keep in mind, don’t make it a habit to give your pet treats at each act. Make sure they will get the reward when they deserve to understand the value of their actions.


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