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Looking for an Emotional Support Animal Letter for housing in California

Publish Date: September 7th, 2021; Publish By: ESA Letter California Staff
Emotional Support Dog letter
In California, Emotional Support Animals and their owners are protected under federal and state legal laws. Emotional Support Animals are not provided with any specialized training to assist their owners, unlike service animals. An ESA can be a dog, cat, fish, bird, or any animal that helps in treating the disability of an individual. 

An Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) is an animal that assists its owner to relieve the symptom or effects of a person’s disability and provide comfort. An ESA is not a pet and neither a restricted species nor an animal. You can certify your animal as an Emotional Support Animal by getting an ESA letter. 

An ESA letter is an official document that provides access to an individual to get company by an assistance animal in rental housing who even follows ‘Noo pet’ policy to relieve the medical symptoms.

Benefits associated with an Emotional Support Animal

If your pet says dog, cat, or any other assistance animal is certified as an Emotional Support Animal, then you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Manage Medical conditions:

While you are suffering from a medical health condition, an ESA can shower all the love and care that you need to get better. They will spend more time with you and also encourage you to play with them. 

2. Exempt from the additional fee:

If you have a certified ESA, you do not need to pay additional charges for your pet as per the Fair Housing Amendment Act. These animals are only for providing emotional support to their owners.

3. Access to Lease apartments:

It doesn’t matter whether your landlord follows a ‘No Pet Policy’, an individual with a disability can live with their Emotional Support Animal devoid of pet policies.

Emotional Support Animal Letter for Housing

Landlords must allow renters to live with their emotional support animals in California as per the Federal rules. According to Fair Housing Amendment Act, a landowner cannot evict a tenant or even charge a pet deposit for emotional support animals. A pet owner is allowed to live freely with their ESAs in rental apartments if they are holding a legitimate ESA letter. The landowner must make reasonable accommodation for that support animal is necessary for an individual to recover from their disability. Also, a landlord cannot ask you for your medical disability but can only ask for a letter.

An exception to rules in California

The ESAs are not remained protected forever as per the federal laws. There are some exceptions during which your pet no longer remains protected.  

In California, landlords may deny renters to live with emotional support animals if, even with reasonable accommodation, the animal poses a threat to the health and safety of others or would cause substantial property damage.

How to apply for an ESA letter housing in California?

Acquiring an ESA letter for housing was way too easy as you only need to follow a simple process:

1. Apply online:

Get started by filling an online evaluation form with the details of your pet and your details, and then answer some questions related to your disability. Once finished, submit the form online.

2. Get evaluated:

Once you submit the form, your details will get evaluated by our licensed physicians, and based on your answers our doctors will decide whether you will need animals assistance for treatment or not. 

3. Receive approval:

After getting approved, you will receive your ESA letter approval via email. You can save or download the letter to show it as proof to your landlord while living on a rental property. 


If you have any disability that needs the presence of an ESA by your side, you may have access to legal protection. However, your ESA needs to be well behaved and must not disobey your commands. If you wanted to certify your pet as an ESA, Click here to get an ESA letter.


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